How to Play

‣ There are 4 people to each team: The Skip, the Third (or Vice-Skip) the Second, and the Lead

‣ Each member throws two rocks down the sheet of ice towards the house at the end

‣ Whoever has more stones in and closest to the center of the house wins the points

‣ Both teams throw eight rocks, and post the score at the end of each end

‣ In competitive play there are eight to ten ends in a game.

‣ Sweeping allows the rock to slide further and curl less down the ice

‣ The turn, or handle, that you give the stone allows it to curl either to the left or the right as it slides down the ice

‣ The ice is covered with small droplets of water called pebble which allows the stone to curl and slide farther. Hockey ice is smooth, curling ice is pebbled.

‣ Curling is based on tradition and good sportsmanship. Like golf, it is a gentlemen's game, and curlers do not play unfairly or distract their opponents.


‣ Slider- A plastic or Teflon strip that covers the bottom of your shoe and allows you to slide down the ice

‣ Broom- Sweepers sweep the ice to remove debris and frost, and harder sweeping will melt the ice and allow the rock to slide farther and faster down the ice

‣ Clothing- Wear warm, loose clothing. It is not usually "freezing" on the ice, but most rinks are kept at around 40 degrees